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Jump the Shark rips apart sacred cows.

Project Analysis Matrix

For my game review site, I review individual bits of a game on a scale of -1 to 2, then add up the result. -1 means bad. 0 means meh. 1 means good. 2 means brilliant. When looking over my … Continue reading

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What is Social Justice?

Every classical liberal will agree that Wikipedia tends to push a progressive agenda.  So, I feel no shame in using their definition of Social Justice as a springboard. Social justice is “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, … Continue reading

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A quick note on Father Love.

“Do you remember?” I said in a very quiet voice. “The first time you saw her?  The first time you looked at you?  Do you remember that change?  That shift, when the whole universe suddenly tilted?  Do you remember looking … Continue reading

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Sad Puppies, #gamergate, and World Fascism

In my last two posts, I briefly summarized how postmodernism is really “world fascism”, that is, a re-tread of fascism’s fusion of anti-intellectualism and collectivism, kindled among socialists by the abject public moral and practical failure of Marxism.  Its difference from … Continue reading

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International Fascist Tactics

Recall from my last post that International Fascism, or World Fascism (easier to say) which is inaccurately called cultural Marxism or Postmodernism, or Social Justice Warrior-ism (I guess), is the intersection of Marxist socialism and Counter-Enlightenment anti-epistemology.  It is the Marxist … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Evil

Allow me to take you on a whirlwind tour of Modern Philosophy and politics. First, there was Medieval philosophy, which was a good and wondrous thing.  Taking as its axiom a rational God, it assumed that His adopted children could, … Continue reading

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Ending on the Law?

Today’s gospel reading was the parable of the unforgiving servant.  Short form:  Servant owes king billions of dollars.  King forgives servant.  Servant turns around and demands twenty bucks from fellow servant and refuses to forgive it.  King is angry and … Continue reading

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