Project Analysis Matrix

For my game review site, I review individual bits of a game on a scale of -1 to 2, then add up the result.

-1 means bad.

0 means meh.

1 means good.

2 means brilliant.

When looking over my projects recently, I realized that a) I was spreading myself out too thin, and b) I take on projects that I don’t love and projects that are unprofitable all the time.  With a family to feed, this needs to stop.

So, I’ve devised a weighted project analysis matrix.  It goes like this:  Each project is rated in three categories: Time, Interest, and Profit.  The results are weighted:  Time is multiplied by three, Interest by two, and Profit by one.  The sum of the weighted categories is the score of the project.

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What is Social Justice?

Every classical liberal will agree that Wikipedia tends to push a progressive agenda.  So, I feel no shame in using their definition of Social Justice as a springboard.

Social justice is “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”. Classically, “justice” (especially corrective justice or distributive justice) referred to ensuring that individuals both fulfilled their societal roles, and received what was due from society. “Social justice” is generally used to refer to a set of institutions which will enable people to lead a fulfilling life and be active contributors to their community.

The definition of ‘justice,’ as I understand it, is “You get what you deserve.”  Webster assures me it is, in summary, “the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals.”

So, if you murder someone, you may be executed in return, as a just punishment for your crime.

So, why do we need a new term, “Social” Justice instead of just “Justice?

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A quick note on Father Love.

“Do you remember?” I said in a very quiet voice. “The first time you saw her?  The first time you looked at you?  Do you remember that change?  That shift, when the whole universe suddenly tilted?  Do you remember looking at her and knowing that you would never, ever be quite the same person?”

— Harry Dresden, in Jim Butcher’s Skin Game

I’m here once more to speak heresy.

My first child entered the world a few days ago.

The experience, for me, was quite interesting.  I looked at her, and it felt exactly like falling in love, without the sexual component.

No wonder people think of parental love, and especially mother love, as something pure.  Something divine.

Our culture worships sex.  Our culture worships falling in love.  We use it to justify both sex and marriage, rather than using marriage to justify sex and falling in love, as the Bible instructs us.

That this experience might exist without sexual desire feels sacred.  Holy.

And yet, I’ve fallen in love with every woman I’ve dated and more besides.  My actions towards them were entirely selfish.  And my desires with regard to how I shall act toward my daughter are largely selfish as well.  I will die, I will kill myself for her.  But it is for what I get out of it that I make these statements.

The flush of being in love with all those women is long gone.  The ‘pure’ love I hold for my daughter may fade too.  People kill their children all the time.  The shock that some moderns feel at this proves their idolatry.  They believe their god is unstoppable, despite the evidence before their lying eyes.

Frankly, it’s mostly oxytocin, vasopressin, and dopamine.

Nothing wrong with that.  And just because something is physical doesn’t mean it has no spiritual component.  Marriage, Paul tells is, is a symbol of Christ and the church.  Christ and the church, Christ tells us, are to be one as he and the Father are one.  Therefore, it stands to reason (though one should not state it dogmatically) that marriage is a symbol of the unity of the Father and the Son, and childbirth is a symbol of the Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son.  But this, while it makes good sense, is only speculation.

Point is, marriage is a bond made by God through a physical action.  That bond exists despite any emotions that may arise or fade away.  My bond with my child is also of God, and exists despite any emotions that may arise or fade away.

The emotions are built in.  They are a tool given by God to ease the bond.  They are a wonderful thing.

And the moment you put them on a pedestal, they become a dark god that would steal your salvation.

The divine bond is not in what you feel.  It is in what is.

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Sad Puppies, #gamergate, and World Fascism

In my last two posts, I briefly summarized how postmodernism is really “world fascism”, that is, a re-tread of fascism’s fusion of anti-intellectualism and collectivism, kindled among socialists by the abject public moral and practical failure of Marxism.  Its difference from vanilla fascism is that it organizes itself along international rather than national lines.

Then I explained the roots of the tactics of Social Justice Warriors, which is what the internet calls world fascist activists:  because they are forced to abandon reality in order to maintain their religion, their attacks are rhetorical.  Because their only ethic is “the ends justify the means,” their rhetoric is both wildly deceitful and aimed at undermining liberalism by a) claiming that they themselves are liberals (hah!) and b) claiming that true liberal philosophy (which they call conservatism) contradicts liberal ideals.

Because their attack is rhetorical rather than factual, the bastions for which they lust are the paths to the heart, namely authority and media.  They seek to control the schools so that they may award themselves badges of authority, and the media so that they may disseminate their propaganda.

Thus they have claimed the public schools and the colleges.  Thus they have claimed Hollywood and a good two-thirds of any book store.  Thus they take over churches and denominations.

Thus they have been infiltrating science-fiction, the fiction of ideas, displayed by two major events: the SFWA, once the defender of authors’ rights, expelled a lifetime member ostensibly for racism.  I say ostensibly because the document in question was a single response to an author who had been attacking that member relentlessly for several years.

Second was Sad Puppies, a campaign by a conservative author to get some conservative sci-fi nominated for Hugos.  Even though Hugo nomination campaigns are common among sci-fi authors, the fact that a badthink author was campaigning for badthink books stirred up a hornet’s nest of world fascist activists.

Now we come to #gamergate.  The sequence of events is as follows:

  1. A female indie game developer was outed as having acquired press for her games by trading sexual favors.
  2. Gamers expressed outrage that the gaming press was corrupt.
  3. Many gaming sites chose not to apologize, nor to deny the charges, but rather to assert that gamers were not opposing corruption, but calling the developer in question a slut because of their inbuilt sexism.
  4. Said gaming sites called for the end of gamers.

I do not kid.  They didn’t mince words.  They publicly and plainly called for the censure, ostracization, and defamation of that subsegment of the population which is identified solely by being their customers.  This is like Walmart calling for the end of shoppers, or Obama calling for the end of welfare and education.

The world fascist activists have apparently lost it.  And I think I know why:  panic.

The internet means anyone can make a game and distribute it.  Or a video.  Or write a book and sell it.  The fascists no longer control the conversation.

I find this very hopeful indeed.

And now I come to my point:  how to fight back.

At E3, Microsoft tried to win gamers over to their new system by hilighting how it spied on you, required hardware that most people don’t want, and doesn’t permit you actual ownership of the games you pay for.

Sony cleaned Microsoft’s clocks by saying, in simple terms, “yeah.  We’re not doing that.”

Make games.  Make videos.  Write books.  Write a blog.

If you get some popularity, don’t censure the comments.  Highlight the comments.  Display the filth, the vitriol, the hatred that spews from their mouths.  Then sit back with a mildly saddened or amused look, and shake your head.

Their battlefield is rhetoric.  To win, put up something reasonable to provoke them, and watch as they hang themselves.  Then, all you have to do is keep an image of maturity.  Stay calm.  Be firm.

Poke them so they howl like three-year-olds in public, then gently say, “excuse me please, but the grown-ups are talking,” then go back to being reasonable.

At least, that’s my thought.

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How to get stuff done.

Sitting around, desperate for motivation?  Longing to do something, but you can’t bring yourself to do it?

Here’s how I get over it.

  1. Take up some sort of swordsmanship.  It is essential that this is a paid class, so you will be motivated to show up on time and to do the work without whining (whining doesn’t actually stop it from sucking or garner the sympathy of your teachers or classmates).
  2. When the desire to do something awesome strikes, but the motivation is lacking…
  3. Watch a short video or read a short story about awesome swordsmen being awesome.
  4. Now you are pumped to practice your swordsmanship.  Go outside, grab your sword, and run through everything you know.
  5. Go back to your workspace and ride the endorphin rush to productivity.
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International Fascist Tactics

Recall from my last post that International Fascism, or World Fascism (easier to say) which is inaccurately called cultural Marxism or Postmodernism, or Social Justice Warrior-ism (I guess), is the intersection of Marxist socialism and Counter-Enlightenment anti-epistemology.  It is the Marxist religious dream of an earthly utopia, forced by history into the corner of rejecting reason in the vein of Immanuel Kant: refusing to believe the human mind is connected to an objective reality in any way.  The Kantean epistemology combined with socialism has historically led to Fascism.

Marxism divided people into factions based on economic role.  Fascism divided people into factions based on purity of national culture.  World Fascism sees Marx’s dream of international utopia, and sets an implicit division between The Wise (meaning World Fascists) and The Evil (meaning anyone who isn’t).  But they perform a little bit of slight of hand, taking Marx’s class conflict idea and injecting it into every possible division of humanity:  man or woman, white or black, rich or poor, chaste or licentious…

The key marker that this is a slight of hand is that the leaders of the World Fascists tend to be men, tend to be white, tend to be rich… their only connection to the oppressed classes they claim to represent is their licentiousness.

But now let us speak of their tactics.

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The Intersection of Evil

Allow me to take you on a whirlwind tour of Modern Philosophy and politics.

First, there was Medieval philosophy, which was a good and wondrous thing.  Taking as its axiom a rational God, it assumed that His adopted children could, by reason, understand the world.

Structure and order were the calling cards of the medieval philosophers.  Everything in reality was a link in the great chain of being, with animals as links below men, and angels as links above.  Each link depended on the link above, and was subject to it.  Each link was required to hold up the link below, lest it fall.  All terminated in the chainwright, the one link that needed no support:  God.

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