International Fascist Tactics

Recall from my last post that International Fascism, or World Fascism (easier to say) which is inaccurately called cultural Marxism or Postmodernism, or Social Justice Warrior-ism (I guess), is the intersection of Marxist socialism and Counter-Enlightenment anti-epistemology.  It is the Marxist religious dream of an earthly utopia, forced by history into the corner of rejecting reason in the vein of Immanuel Kant: refusing to believe the human mind is connected to an objective reality in any way.  The Kantean epistemology combined with socialism has historically led to Fascism.

Marxism divided people into factions based on economic role.  Fascism divided people into factions based on purity of national culture.  World Fascism sees Marx’s dream of international utopia, and sets an implicit division between The Wise (meaning World Fascists) and The Evil (meaning anyone who isn’t).  But they perform a little bit of slight of hand, taking Marx’s class conflict idea and injecting it into every possible division of humanity:  man or woman, white or black, rich or poor, chaste or licentious…

The key marker that this is a slight of hand is that the leaders of the World Fascists tend to be men, tend to be white, tend to be rich… their only connection to the oppressed classes they claim to represent is their licentiousness.

But now let us speak of their tactics.

The tactics of the World Fascists flow directly from Kant.

My friend, Bruce the Monk, likes to use the phrase “Consensus Reality,” as in “He’s not living in consensus reality.”  Bruce is not a subjectivist, so the fact that he uses this phrase in an unironic fashion amuses the heck out of me.

Reality is not determined by consensus.  Reality is a real, objective thing.  That is the religious position, and the Enlightenment position that, sadly, falls without religious justification.

Consensus reality as a concept comes from Kant.  Kant argues that because we know we cannot trust our senses, therefore reality is beyond the reach of our minds.  We simply have to choose something to believe in and take it on faith — a concept that would be expanded by Kierkegaard’s “Leap of Faith” and Nietzsche’s “Will to Power”.

Now, it’s clear we all seem to experience the same reality, or at least subtle variations on the same reality (e.g. a colorblind man’s reality is made of similar shapes, but they are painted in shades of gray).  So, Kant proposed, there is this fiction, this continuous and relatively consistent realm of sense-perception, which we all share.

That is, there is reality, which we cannot know, and consensus reality, which we can know in part.

If you take this idea to its logical end, ‘reality’ as we experience it is a fiction we agree on.  Change the agreement to a different fiction, and reality changes.  We live in the Matrix.

Kant’s successors went further and claimed that we all make our own Matrices, or something like that.  But now we get to the root and source of World Fascism:

The target of World Fascism is consensus reality.  They wish to defeat the evil Liberals (who they call Conservatives and who, sadly, have owned the false title) just as the Marxists did.  Denied Marx’s concept of the inevitable decline of Liberalism and denied victory by force of arms after the Cold War and the creation of largely ineffectual Socialist terrorist groups, they cannot claim their ideas are connected to objective reality.

In order to cling to their religion, therefore, they must believe that objective reality is not a thing.  Rather, we live in consensus reality, and the consensus is in favor of the liberals.

The World Fascists must change the consensus.

Consensus is a matter of opinion and emotion, especially to those who do not — cannot — believe in objective truth.  Therefore, emotions must be changed.  Shame, disgust, and hatred must be inculcated towards liberal philosophy.  Hope, joy, and pride must be attached to the socialist philosophy.

And since they hardly need to convert themselves, they have to try and defame liberalism using liberalist values.

Liberals value freedom.  The English freed the slaves in their country, and others.  By withholding support from the Confederacy during Lincoln’s war of Empire, the sped the destruction of slavery in America, where the concept of the rights of the Englishman had already begun to erode it.

Therefore, the fascists accuse liberals of promulgating slavery.  Creating servant classes.  They attack us with our own value.

The liberals hold to the Judeo-Christian concept of equality before the law, a concept that cannot exist without the law being a divine artifact, superseding even the authority of kings and emperors.  Therefore the fascists accuse the liberals of favoring one race above another, or one sex above another.  They attack us with our own value.

The liberals believe in property.  The fascists accuse us of stealing.  The liberals believe in tolerance.  The fascists accuse us of hatred.  The liberals believe in peace.  The fascists accuse us of warmongering.

Because we don’t feel ourselves to be heartless, sexist, racist oppressors, they take a page out of Freud’s book and say that we are, but it’s unconscious.  Then they ‘deconstruct’ our work to show how our hidden desires turn us into the opposite of our values.

Yet these values are our values.  We took them from Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome, then sifted and refined them.  By them, we have freed slaves, unshackled women, and lifted up many, many races.  And it is precisely because of this that the world fascists accuse us of failing these values.

They are not the values of the world fascists.  The fascists have but one value:  Utopia, formed by the whims of the Wise.  In Mussolini and Hitler’s fascism, the Wise meant a strong leader who could, by strength of heart and will, forge a people into a single organism that would grow and thrive.

For the world fascists, however, the Wise are their in-crowd.  A clique of tittering, self-important intellectuals with the social and moral sense of fatherless middle-school girls.

Which is a hopeful thing.  Hitler could, through sheer force of charisma and will, line up his enemies and shoot them.  The world fascist Wise will start backstabbing each other before they’ve even won.  It’s already happening.

They cannot stand.  They will slit their own collective throats.  The only question is how much damage they will do along the way.

It could be quite a lot.


About Jump the Shark

I am a genetically engineered super-soldier from an alternate reality. My brain was designed to work without emotional interference, which led me to reject the foolish beliefs of my creators and fight the forces of evil.
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  1. Bruce Burns says:

    Glad to provide amusement. Good article.


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