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Female Indie Dev’s Perspective on the Culture of Intimidation in the Indie Game Dev-Journalism Scene

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Why I’m Posting This Anonymously For someone making claims whose truth is somewhat dependent on my identity, you’re likely wondering why I am keeping that identity hidden. You’ll often hear folks complaining about the harassment of…

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Christians are Rapists

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Vacca vacca vacca

The vaccine debate rages across the internet!  As a philosopher, I want to see the research and information myself before coming to a decision.  The following, however, is not a detailed analasys or a conclusion… it is just a savaging … Continue reading

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By Wash the Octopus The NES had an available pallet of 54 colors.  However, only 25 could effectively be onscreen at once.  You had 4 pallets for sprites (that is, characters and moving objects in the foreground layer), 4 pallets … Continue reading

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Stick it on Your Fridge 2: Jump Sprites

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Liam Power

Or how to develop awesome habits By Liam Mulyo “Liam” is short for William, which some might abbreviate as “Will”.  I have not done so since the unfortunate Halo Marathon in which, alas, Jump was playing, and during which someone … Continue reading

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Clear and Enthusiastic Consent


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